Mocotex has land titles on 18,000 ha of arable land, located next to the Licungo river, which provides excellent potential for irrigation.

Quick Stats

Product: sales of cotton lint, certified cottonseed (planting seed), soyabeans and maize

Director: Duncan George Kennaird

Contact Number: +258 84 413 8183

Sales: USD 2 million in 2015/2016

Export: 55% of sales (globally)

Employment: 60 permanent staff employed including 2,000 seasonal staff employed.

Mocotex is holding one of the largest agricultural land portfolios in Mozambique with 17,540 ha of land leasehold titles. The business aims to develop out up to 10,000 ha of the land portfolio over the next 5-7 years including a mixture of rain-fed and irrigated farming. The land portfolio is 10-45km from Mocuba.

At present the company has 1,200 ha of land cleared for rain-fed agriculture only. For the next 2016/2017 financial year we are looking at expanding the area to 1,500 ha including installation of centre-pivot irrigation of 250 – 630 ha.

The key crops grown by the company are cotton, soyabean and maize. The company has a cotton gin in Mocuba together with 5,000 MT of storage space which it is using annually to add value to its cotton crop by processing it to cotton lint (a top 30 global commodity) and certified cottonseed which is used as planting seed by the family sector cotton growers in Mozambique, estimated at 250,000 families.

The company has yielded record crop for the 2015/2016 year averaging at 1.5 MT per ha with top field performing 1.8-2.2 MT per ha. The management’s long-term aim is to reach 2.5 MT per ha under rain-fed conditions and 3.8 MT per ha under irrigated conditions. This is about 40% below average in more developed cotton growing countries such as Turkey.

For other crops – soya and maize – we are targeting yields of 7-8 MT per ha (maize) and 2.5 MT per ha (soya), which have been achieved by commercial farms in the region.