Bush Trading & Aggregation

Involves buying small quantities of maize, pigeon peas and other locally grown crops from smallholder farmers, storing these at our storage facilities and selling them in bulk to regional and international markets.

Quick Stats

Product: sales of maize, pigeon peas and other agricultural commodites grown by 1,000’s of smallscale farmers

Director: Duncan Kennaird

Contact Number: +258 84 413 8183

Sales: USD 4 million in 2015/2016

Export: 50% of sales (India)

Employment: 10 permanent staff

Aggregate Trading

Mocotex is situated in the middle of Zambezia agricultural area with 5 million rural inhabitants within 200km radius from Mocuba. Zambezia is one of the largest producers of maize, pigeon peas, sesame, rice etc. in Mozambique. All of the production is grown by smallholder farmers.

This division has strong synergies with the transportation division, as haulage is a substantial cost driver for commodities.